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"IEC" - Label Manufacturer Company

provides the best quality products for the customers with world’s fastest new weaving loom of new technology.

12 years experience
The Brand Name of Excellence

In a very short time, IEC that takes your satisfaction as a main goal became a pioneer firm in the textile sector. It is mostly the results of the right investments in the departments at the right time.

Since 2002, the rapid pace of growth based on owned capital, customer support and quality control, production quality lead the firm to be one of the best in the sector.

Having a good reputation in domestic and outside markets, IEC produces approximately 400 millions labels and also this amount of hang-tack, printed and various secondary textile products annually.

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IEC - Istanbul Export Center Ltd.

Kemer Mah. Kisla Cad. Devran Sok.
No: 1 Kat- 3 Big World Center 34230
Esenler/ lstanbul/ Turkey

Tel : +90 212 551 34 44

WhatsApp Number: +90-532 397 73 35

E-mail: info@woven-label-manufacturer.com


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